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    We have been contacted by Chinese manufacturer AKKTEK which offers products dedicated to FPV has affordable rates.

    It has a fairly complete range of products.

    You can find their website HERE

    I chose to test 3 products.

    1 / the camera AKK CA20 available here at the price of 19.32 € excluding postage.

    2 / The vtx AKK X1 available here at the price of 14.17 € excluding shipping costs.

    3 / The vtx AKK X1 P available here at the price of 15.45 € excluding shipping costs.

    The AKK CA20

    In any point similar to a HS1177, you will not be disoriented when opening the packaging.

    It is the same as in the packaging of a Foxeer

    2.8MM lens mounted camera
    the wiring required for the connection
    the cable to access the camera osd and to change the settings
    the conventional support provides for the fixed.

    Its weight is 12 gr and it is available in Pal or Ntsc.

    Here are the specifications:

    CCD: 1/3 "Sony SUPER HAD II CCD

    Pixel: NTSC: 768 (H) × 494 (V)

    On Screen Display: OSD

    TV System: NTSC

    Resolution: 650TVL (b / w), 600tvl (color)

    Synchronization: internal synchronize

    Shutter Speed: (CCD IRIS) NTSC: 1/60 ~ 1/100000 sec

    Noise:> 60 (AGC OFF)

    Video Out: 75ohm, synchronize

    Min. Illumination: 0.01Lux

    Auto Gain: Off / Low / Mid / High

    Back Light Compensation (BLC): Off / Back light

    compensation / Strong light suppression

    Private shading (PRIVACY): 1 ~ 8 private shading area

    Motion Detection (R): On / Off (Multi level sensitivity settable)

    Auto White Balance: Manual / Auto / Auto track

    Mirror: Horizontal Mirror optional

    Negative: Positive / Negative optional

    Color to B & W: Auto


    Day / Night Shift: Auto / Color / B & W

    Menu (OSD): English menu

    White Dot Repair: Support

    Image Adjustment: Support

    Camera Title: Support

    Power Requirement: DC5V ~ 22V

    Working Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃

    Working Humidity: 20 ~ 80%

    Storage Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

    Storage Humidity: 20 ~ 95%

    Dimensions (mm): 25X25 (W * L)

    Power Consumption: 70mA

    Here is a DVR vtx used in the DVR is the X1P with the Pigtail in 25 MW - Camera CA 20:
    The management of the light is very correct, the integrated osd allows to adjust some adjustments, but is not the same as on an HS1177,

    there is not the color gain part for example so I did not get to improve the colors which are quite bland original.

    Not possible to improve the sharpness either which I find fault has medium and long distance despite the focusing made on the lens.

    For the proposed price, it remains a camera that does what one asks and which will give satisfactory results on a sunny day.

    The VTX X1 & X1 P
    The specifications are identical for the 2 models with the exception of the antennas.

    - 40 channels

    - Pal & Ntsc

    - 25 - 200 - 600 mw adjustable via the button

    - 7 / 24volts (2s - 6s)

    - RP-SMA connector

    - It handles audio

    - Dimension 28.5X20X8mm

    AKKTEK offers us a range of products of neat manufacture with very correct taken.

    I was not convinced of the camera which is nevertheless under the most used cameras

    at the moment on the market but for a sometimes double price.

    The vtx used in the DVR is the X1P with the Pigtail in 25 MW.

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