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29/12/2009, 02:09

First of all, i hope to don't be so bad to be writing in english, my spanish is not that good and i'm still learning so i prefer to be in english to avoid miss understandings.

I always liked RC, in special airplains but never got the opportunity to have my own or even try flying one.

My goal is to make a UAV but first i will need to start with RC :redface2:

Should i start making my own airplaine from zero or buy some old body and put my electronics there to start flying? Whats the best to start with?

I have made some faild trys of creating my airplaine with k-line but my plain didn't flyed more than 5~8meters :laugh:

Soon i post photos of my crashed plain and info about the hardware i already have.

Thanks to everyone :wink2:

29/12/2009, 07:00
better try at rcgroups, is the biggest rc comunity, everything in english.


29/12/2009, 10:43
Thanks Sprint_99, i will go there :P

29/12/2009, 11:54
Olá bom dia, no inicio, a mim também me custou um pouco escrever em castelhano mas com o tempo fui-me habituando, agora o meu portinhol é impecavél...ahhh, a maior parte do pessoal por aqui percebe o português por isso penso que seja não necessário escrever em inglês.


29/12/2009, 12:43
Where you did post photos of you airplane crash??:icon_twisted::icon_twisted: