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21/12/2015, 08:57
Que nota le pones? : Epic Race in Green Hell - FPV (http://www.aeromodelismovirtual.com/video.php?do=viewdetails&videoid=215)
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The best, hard and tecnical circuit I've never flown!!!!
Was a new spot, and amazing funny time with my god and rapid friends ;)
The "tree tunel" was a amazing ripping balls!!!
This was the first race what I did with my 210 frame, gemfan 5050-3 triblade and AIR MODE from Boris Betaflight!!!
Amazing combo :D


Have fun and enjoy it!! ;)

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- DARC210 Pro Carbon Fiber: http://desdeelairerc.es/es/micro-multicopters/474-frame-darc-210pro-fibra-carbono.html
- Cobra 2204- 2300kv: http://desdeelairerc.es/es/micro-multicopters/365-motor-cobra-2204-2300kv-new-version.html
- Little Bee 20A ESC - BLHeli 14.3 - One shot Enable/Dampering Light/Timing Medium-Hight: http://desdeelairerc.es/es/escvariadores/479-esc-fvt-littlebee-20a-blheli.html
- Acro Naze 32 Rev 6 on Betaflight 2.1.5 - PID 1 - AIR MODE ON
- Gemfan 5050 Bull Nose Triblade
- Gens Ace Tattu 4S 1300 - 75C - http://www.genstattu.com/ta-75c-1300-4s1p-xt60.html
-Mini Cam CCD 600TVL - 2.8mm (HS1177): http://desdeelairerc.es/es/micro-multicopters/461-mini-cam-fpv-600tvl-ccd-5-22v.html
-Mini Tx vÃ*deo 5.8Ghz 25-600mw 40Ch: http://desdeelairerc.es/es/fpvcamaras/456-mini-tx-video-58ghz-25-600mw-40ch.html
-Spironet V2 Antenna: http://desdeelairerc.es/es/fpv/355-antena-polarizacion-circular-58ghz-inmersionrc-sma.html
-Gopro 4 Silver. (with water case)

Frame ready to fly: 303gr
Frame with lipo 1300 and gopro with cover lens: 534 gr
AUW : 560gr (With custom water case)

Music: eItro - Panda