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06/12/2014, 17:02

Parece un título bastante atrevido, me faltó poner en el rango de precio de 40-50€. Aclaro tambien que no lo he probado y que no soy experto en esto. He abierto este hilo para los que lo vayan adquiriendo, que vistos los comentarios pronto se hará muy popular, vayan poniendo aqui sus experiencias.

http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2275037 <-- Hilo oficial

Algunos de ese hilo que tienen un sistema de tracking incluso lo estan sustituyendo por este receptor ya que dicen que les da una calidad bastante similar. Otra afirmación bastante atrevida pero supongo que se refieren a FPV de corta distancia, carreras entre árboles y situaciones así.

Afirman que el sistema diversity ImmersionRC Duo V2 y V3 es mierda a precio de oro (≈200€ ?), éste nuevo receptor se los come con patatas por goleada siendo casi 6 veces mas efectivo en distancia.

Foto del clásico IRC Duo:

So I received my units today and put them through a bunch of tests.

Firstly, the rubbish about not working well with immersion vTX's or on the band immersion uses is just that, complete an utter rubbish. Even on a 60" TV I cannot see even the slightest change in colour or image quality going from the FR632 to the Fatshark Attitude receivers. I also tested all channels on all 4 bands with a couple of different 32channel vTX units and all channels are perfect on all of the vTX's.

FR632 (using a 30db attenuator) compared to

- Duo (V2 & v3) is nearly 6 times (no surprise there as the IMRC receivers are overpriced paperweights.)
- Boscam RC832 is more than 4 times (expected, this receiver only performs marginally better than IMRC)
- Boscam RC805 is about 3 times
- Boscam RX5802 is about 3 times
- Boscam RC5808 is about 2.5
- AOMway (the current leader in RX's IMO) is almost identical, when using diversity the FR632 is marginally better, when only using a single side of the FR632 the AOMWay is marginally better. (based on the receiver details these appear to be the same receiver units inside, I will know more when I pull one apart tomorrow).

I stopped testing the other couple of RX's I have here after testing the AOMway as the FR632 was performing as good as the AOMway RX which is significantly better than any of the other RX's I have at hand. It will be interesting to see exactly what RX is inside of these things.

When the diversity switches there is absolutely no picture change/flicker, in fact I had to setup a couple of monitors to the different output to make sure the unit was switching between receivers (the unit does indicate which receiver it is using on the LCD display). A+ for diversity http://static.rcgroups.com/forums/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

Channel Selection
This is a full 32 channel RX with the full 8 channels in each band (unlike many other receivers that only have 7 channels in each band where the top 2 channels are the same). Each channel is easily selected as well as the bands, there is an autoscan function which scans through all 32 channels which will sometimes get the wrong channel in the wrong band due to frequency being so close, simply click scan again and it gets the right channel. There is also some propaganda out there that the autoscan will start scanning again if the vTX's is tuned off or power is interrupted to the RX, this is also complete rubbish, once it has locked onto a channel it stays there, even after powering off.

The units are small, sensitivity is awesome and the price is also awesome, the power input is 6v to 28v so you can basically plug anything into this thing and have it power it, my only gripe is the LCD display is a little small, fortunately my eyes are still good so no issues there for me http://static.rcgroups.com/forums/images/smilies/biggrin.gif.

If you are looking to buy a new 5.8 receiver than this is hands down the only choice you should be making, buy a FR632 with confidence.


http://www.aliexpress.com/item/FPV-5-8G-32CH-Receiver-FR632-Video-Audio-AV-Diversity-Dual-way-LCD-Display/2054833590.html 40.3€ transporte gratis (hay un cupón de -2$)
http://www.banggood.com/es/Boscam-FR632-Diversity-5_8GHz-32CH-Auto-Scan-LCD-AV-Receiver-p-958097.html 47.9€ transporte gratis
http://www.goodluckbuy.com/fr632-5-8g-32ch-dual-way-digital-lcd-scanning-diversity-receiver-3ch-output.html 50€ transporte gratis
http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__66191__The_New_FR632_diversity_5_8GHz_32Ch_Auto_Scan_LCD_A_V_Receiver.html 44.7€ + transporte

Diseño de 32 canales compatible con todos los transmisores! ImmersionRC/Fatshark, Boscam, Aomway etc...


Pongo mas comentarios de la gente que ya ha tenido la suerte de probarlo:

We can get 7 people in the air at once, no range degradation and no interference at all even with a 500mW unit on another channel right next to your receiver. As a bonus the range is better too, the 200mW units are getting further range than 600mW IMRC vTX. I know it sounds too good to be true, but buy the cheaper 200mW one and see for yourself. the vTX is transmitting a really tight signal which means no interference being spewed out on other channels. Best of all of all, due to the 32 channels you can get a lot more people in the air
One of our Flight Test guys (Squishy) just got the 632 and had it at the field yesterday and he was totally blown away with the performance. And he's hard to please. So I know the 632 is a winner for sure. But my Duo V3 has been fantastic as well. FR632 penetration thru the trees is awesome!I have to say I got my FR632 about a week ago and I love it. I am using a 3.5 helix and a skew planner on the receiver. The TS832 has a clover leaf. I have been out about a 3/4 mile (1.2 Km) with no issues. Few blips here and there but no video loss. I am able to go farther than my buddy's Duo v3 with a similar setup. I actually turned around at around 3/4 mile cause I was scared lol. So far the best receiver I have owned to date worth every penny. Now to buy another for a second set of goggles.

Here is a buddy wearing my $140 complete goggles over his $399 goggles. LOL
I have been using the FR632 for about 2 months and it has been perfect. One of my flying buddies has an Eagletree Vector/antenna tracker with diversity using 2 Boscam RC832's - and when I watch his flights on my TV, my diversity set up (Circular Wireless SPW/cheap patch) is nearly equally as clean as his is and I have no tracking! http://static.rcgroups.com/forums/images/smilies/smile.gifThis is most likely my best FPV purchase for the money. RECOMENDACIÓN DE ANTENAS:

Una de las dos antenas del diversity recomiendan calidad precio esta:

The AOMway helical (the one with the element support) is a pretty good antenna, I wasn't expecting it to be considering the price but it certainly beats the 13dbi IMRC one as well as several other more expensive antennas. It is also has a surprisingly wide pickup beam, more than most other antennas of the same or slightly less dbi. They are a good buy and come with a semi ridged cable that is perfect for mounting on the RXhttp://www.banggood.com/Aomway-11dbi-7-Turn-5_8GHz-Helical-Antenna-RHCP-p-952615.html 12.4€ transporte gratis
http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__63754__Aomway_11dbi_7_Turn_5_8GHz_Helical_Antenna_RHCP_SMA_.html de 11.3€ + transporte


La otra poneis una clover que ya tengais o la mejor que os podais permitir por ejemplo unas Sircana.

07/12/2014, 19:36
Yo tengo uno en camino, al cual le voy a montar dos helicoidales y a :plane:.
Ya comentare que tal.

Un saludo.

08/12/2014, 19:20
Yo tengo uno en camino, al cual le voy a montar dos helicoidales y a :plane:.
Ya comentare que tal.

Un saludo.

Olé ! Dónde lo has pedido ? Lo pediste hace mucho? Estaremos a la espera de tus impresiones. Tienes algún otro receptor para compararlo ?

20/12/2014, 11:46
Cobrita, ya puedes decirnos que tal el producto?.gracias.

20/12/2014, 23:36
Yo también he pedido uno a banggood. Cuando llegue ya os contaré que tal va.

08/02/2015, 21:03
Alguien que lo tenga, podría dar su valoración.

09/02/2015, 19:08
Relación calidad/precio inmejorable. Probado con antenas de Circular Wireless omni y heliaxial y la verdad es que funciona de maravilla.

09/02/2015, 21:29
Ok, gracias por comentarlo y distancia?

20/02/2015, 12:16
Relación calidad/precio inmejorable. Probado con antenas de Circular Wireless omni y heliaxial y la verdad es que funciona de maravilla.

Puedes poner como lo tienes configurado... o alguna foto?

En que canal lo llevas?

Que TxV llevas?

Es que yo lo tengo y no llega mas de 200 metros


20/02/2015, 18:17
Ok, gracias por comentarlo y distancia?

Yo de momento he hecho 3,7 km con FPV Raptor con:

-. Tx TS832 de 600mW + Boscam Cloud Spirit montados en la plataformita entre motor y cola

-. Rx FR632 con Spironet de Fatshark + Heliaxial 58 de Circular-Wireless, montado en una varilla de Ø8 y esta sobre un trípode H=1,8 m de altura y a unos 10 m de la emisora, llevándome el video con cable RCA.

-. Sistema de Mando: 9XR con módulo XJT y antena de serie. Receptor D8R-XP montado dentro del fuselaje y con las antenas de serie dispuestas a 90º formando un plano horizontal (una de ellas asomando por el fuselaje en dirección normal al eje del avión y la otra paralela a este)

Valoración: video perfecto. Imprencisdible que algún alma caritativa te oriente la antena cuando la Spironet ya no dé más de sí y tengas que potenciar la Heliaxial.

Pongo una foto de la "mochililla" que le hice con coroplast, cola caliente y cinta de fibra, para poder "pincharla" sobre una varilla de carbono que amarraba al trípode y así poder poner el receptor lo más alto posible. Este sistema, te permite girar el receptor para orientar la Heliaxial.

04/10/2015, 11:34
bueno pues me la como con papas de momento ,recibi hace dias,este receptor depositando todas la confianza y mi dinero,y en to la boca de momento no se ve bien ,la image se ve mal.
por supuesto canal correcto y comprobado con otro rx normal.estoy muy quemado ..estoy leyendo en rcgroups que hay muuuchos problemas con estos., ,y 5 compañeros lo tienen y nos le da problemas,esta tarde ire a probarlo a campo abierto.

06/10/2015, 19:31
bueno he probado con otro compañero con su rx fr632 y hace lo mismo,investigando por la red dicen que los modulos tx video airware 6ch no son 100x100 compatible con estos chinos auque tengan la misma frecuencia hay algo que no cuadra.