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07/01/2014, 21:28
Hola, tengo dos camaras key chain a estrenar a la venta por 11 € cada una gastos incluidos. No llevan targeta , venian sin ella.


07/01/2014, 22:08
Me interesa una si lleva los cables para conectar a FPV.

Salu2 !!

07/01/2014, 22:14
a mi tambien me interesa la otra dependiendo de la version que sea, sobre todo me interesa que lleve salida av.


sir shadow
07/01/2014, 23:48
me interesa a falta de saber resolucion...

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08/01/2014, 12:25

It's ultra small, light weight design and low cost make it a great camera for casual in flight videos.
Strap it to your wing, fuse, tail, canopy or just about anywhere. It's recessed buttons prevent vibration from changing the functions and makes it easier to attach to your model. And because the camera lense is mounted on the edge the whole case is more aerodynamic than other cameras.
The SD card (Not included) is removable and the camera has a USB port for direct PC copying.
There are many similar cameras to this one on the market, but be assured this model has a true 30 frames per second rating and works perfect with a fast SANDisk memory card (Sold Separately) for jitter free picture motion. Lense hardware is 640x480px and maintains the correct aspect ratio without AVI manipulation*. Producing a clear 640x480 AVI jitter free movie.

Size: 52x30x12mm
Weight: 18g incl. battery & keychain
Video lense: 640x480 pixel (correct aspect ratio)
Battery: Lithium Polymer
FPS: 30 (True Rating)
Pixel: 1280x960
Continuous video recording time: 60min
Voice-activated standby time: 120 hours standby time
Capacity of memory card: Can support upto 16GB (max.)

USB interface: USB1.1/2.0

Included accessories:
Turnigy TD16 camera
USB Connector
*Other similar camera's have software AVI formatting to 720x480px, reducing clarity of the 640x480 native image from the lense. While this sounds good on paper, it makes the movie less clear and enjoyable.

Micro SD card 2GB (Sold Separately See related items)

No lleva conector a FPV, es lo que se ve en la foto. necesitarias un miniUSB con las conexiones para FPV.

sir shadow
08/01/2014, 12:41
me retiro...quiero algo mas de calidad en la imagen,saludos.

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sir shadow
08/01/2014, 13:57
bueno si.me llega una me la quedo.para pruebas y tal

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08/01/2014, 14:15
Hola sir shadow:

te envio datos por MP


08/01/2014, 14:16
Me retiro de la venta, pensaba que era la Full HD.

Salu2 !!

08/01/2014, 14:47
Yo tambien me retiro por el mismo motivo.

sir shadow
08/01/2014, 15:09
pues yo me he quedado una pa probar posiciones y tal...por ese precio aunque sea pa mirar a la vecina jajaj

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09/01/2014, 11:54
Enviada una esta mañana a Sir shadow.


13/01/2014, 21:18
Me interesa la otra. Te mando un mp

14/01/2014, 10:51

21/01/2014, 15:25
Recibida cámara.