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02/04/2009, 19:09
Hello, this is the plane I am building to make my future FPV flights

A reproduction of Shorts Skyvan, exactly the "Pink Skyvan":

02/04/2009, 19:10
others images:

02/04/2009, 19:34
Hello gualtierico:
Good capacity plane.
Could you tell us more info about your plane:
Wing Span


02/04/2009, 20:38
Yes, sure

I admit it, it's little ugly, but spacious!! :tongue2:

drawings modified from the original by E. Stival http://www.emanuelestival.eu/aero/skyvan/skyvan.htm

All depron 3 & 6 mm only, CTP 2 fuselage ribs and wing spar
balsa wing supports
wingspan 1400mm
wing are 21 sqare dm
900g without lipo cells
4 hitec HS55
free floating front wheel (maybe with servo in future)
6ch PCM Futaba receiver
2 Keda 22-20L 1000Kv
varioprop 3 blade propeller diam. 10"
2 Jeti 30A BEC regulator
Ubec 5A
Acrilic hand-paint

FPV set:
SN555 12V camera
self-made pantilt (I will set in the little hole, now covered, on top of cockpit)
Magtrack R2
Blackstork (or Dakar 2.0, if it will works...)
2.4 tx 500mW 12V
fatshark googles
yellowjacket pro receiver
Archos AV500 recorder

I think that's all... do you like it?
I think that I really have no problems of space, I can put the FPV set on a cargo pallet! :laugh:

maybe in future I think to make a back door (like the original) for para-launching, and so on.

Next days if stops the rainfall I plan to test it in flight without FPV, then if all works well, begin FPV flights.