Ver la versión completa : IOSD WARNING CABLE ERROR

04/12/2012, 12:08
Currently DJI found that a small amount of iOSD has been equipped with the wrong color 8 - PIN connecting wire, the red and black color line order is reversed, please refer to the graphic below to recognize.
When you see this notice, please check your iOSD as soon as possible to find out whether your 8 - PIN connecting wire is right or wrong, you can see it through the transparent iOSD outer packing bag.
After you check it, if you have some wrong color wires please just according to the manual connect the OSD with the reversed color cable.

Actualmente DJI descubrió que una pequeña cantidad de IOSD que ha sido equipado con un cable de conexion mal montado en el pin 8 -

el orden de los colores rojo y negroesta inviertido.

por favor consulte la foto adjunta